Lisburn U3A
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The annual membership fee is 20.
You can print out and complete a membership form (see final menu option) and either bring it to the next monthly meeting, or contact Sally (see above) and find out where to post it to. Either way your application must be accompanied by a cheque for 20 made out to Lisburn U3A.

Ideally, we would like you to print out and complete a Standing Order Form to bring to your bank or building society. This will ensure that future annual membership fees are paid automatically.

If you pay income tax, please complete a Gift Aid Form and bring it to the meeting so that we can claim an extra 25% (5) from the tax man. Whilst this is at no extra cost to you, it will significantly enhance the service we can provide to members.   

Note:- Personal information is respected. Telephone numbers and email addresses of group conveners and committee members are only made available to those who take up full membership of Lisburn U3A.